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Susanne Still - Fine Artist

Susanne Still

Susanne Still

Santa Fe, NM - United States

The New Continuum Wisdom Gallery,
'Where Art Follows Spirit'
From the High Mountain Wilderness Near Santa Fe, New Mexico

Post Ascension Imagery, Shamanic Iconography, Medicine Art Paintings, The Real, The Surreal, The Plain and The Visionary

What is Post Ascension Imagery?
'Post Ascension Imagery' refers to art created from a timeline where humanity has transcended its current level of chaos and unrest, and now occupies a realm of existence where sensorial and spiritual awareness have merged, where color is deep and brilliant, where the air is rich with consciousness and sentiency, and humanity is interfused with the Mother Earth in a much more thorough manner than is currently even imagined as possible.

What is Medicine Art?
'In the end, it will be creativity that will heal the world'----Aboriginal Elder, Australia
This quote applies to the genre of 'Medicine Art'. Medicine Art as a term comes from Native America, and emerges from a certain state of consciousness which precedes the artwork's creation. The medicine artist uses creativity as a tool for achieving healing, teaching, sharing spiritual laws or universal principles, catalyzing change or using the image as a certain portal through which the viewer can experience realities not accessible if left to his or her own devices or habitual point of view. Anyone, absolutely anyone, can do medicine art. It is not about talent or trend, society's sanction or one's historical lineage. It is completely based within the heartfelt desire to be of help to others, to a society at large, to animals, plants, the ecological systems of the earth and the multiverse itself.

MEDICINE WAY AND THE POWER OF BEAUTY: An Essay on Finding Art As A Regular Part of the Day

'In 1911, the Santee Dakota physician and author Oyiyesa said, 'In the life of the Indian, there was only one inevitable duty---the duty of prayer---the daily recognition of the Unseen and the Eternal. Each soul must meet the morning sun, the new sweet Earth, and the Great Silence alone! Whenever, in the course of the daily hunt, one came upon a scene that was strikingly beautiful or sublime...he paused for an instant in an attitude of worship.'
Behind these few words, a great secret is revealed---the secret of personal and planetary renewal. Never has the need for unity with the natural world and reverence for all life been more urgent or personally imperative. To heal our times and our people, we must heed the words of the late Oglala Sioux leader, Chief Luther Standing Bear. He described his people as 'true naturists---who loved the Earth and all things of the Earth. They sat upon the Earth, close to its life-giving forces, to be able to think more deeply, to feel more keenly, to see more clearly into the mysteries of life, and to come closer in kinship to other lives about them...
They were wise.They knew that man's heart away from Nature became hard, and that lack of respect for growing, living things soon led to lack of respect for humans too. So they kept their youth close to its softening influence.'
To recognize the movement of the Great Spirit through us and around us, within the elements and within all creatures, is to reclaim our human birthright and to rediscover the Holy Mystery for ourselves and our children.'

Susanne Still BIO

Aside from her over 40 years in ongoing creative work ranging through clay, paint, photography, mixed media, and interior design, between places such as Florida, California, Maui, and New Mexico, Susanne Still is a farmer, herbalist, medicine art curator and spiritual health consultant. The editor and designer of Blue Jaguar Medicine Arts Wisdom Journal,she feels that all creative work, when sourced from heart, soul and integrity of spirit, leads to one primary end: etheric regeneration and a higher, more clarified and ascended collective human consciousness. She is founder of Blue Jaguar Medicine Arts and EcoResource Hermitage at 8300 ft. in the high mountain wilderness near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Please visit our journal and Healing Kiva at

What are petroglyphs? Literally translated, the word means 'rock writing'. Created by ancient peoples sharing and saluting timeless truths about human life, spiritual forces, and man's place in the universal stream, petroglyphs can be found at sacred sites throughout the world. Seen by many as humanity's first universal 'medicine art' language, these cryptic carvings unite us with a time when man, spirit & nature worked in harmony as one intelligent, compassionate force. Petroglyphs commemorate births, deaths, ceremonial events and shamanic rites of passage, and are revered by spiritual elders for their 'mana', or living spiritual power.

In the 1990's, these hand made art works were shown through the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, representing the indigenous arts of Hawai'i at an international conference celebrating the 'Year of the Indigenous Peoples'. They have been shown extensively throughout the Hawaiian Islands, including the Polynesian Cultural Center, The Bishop Museum, the Hana, Maui, Cultural Center, The Maui Arts and Cultural Center, Imax Theatres, the Duty Free Shops in Honolulu International Airport, The Elephant Walk in the Hyatt Regency Maui, The Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center, The Hotel Hana gift shop, and Waikiki Trader's Endangered Species stores.
In 2005, a special piece with a Hopi petroglyph entitled 'Bringing the Light' was presented to the First Lady of Kenya, Mrs. Lucy Kibaki, by the noted late humanitarian Father Angelo D'Agostino, S.J., M.D., as an honorarium for her personal and political support given his Nyumbani Village Project, a medical center, orphanage and hospice eco-village in Kenya.
The works have also found their way into the hands of such celebrities as Whoopi Goldberg, Spike Lee, Woody Harrelson, Yoko Ono, Peter Gabriel, Jean Michael Costeau, Gary Shandling, and 'Sweet Honey' of Sweet Honey and the Rock. Many have been presented as gifts to highly respected medicine healers and tribal elders.
Each piece is hand made in clay and embossed with authentic designs ceremonially reproduced from rock carvings, cave paintings, geoglyphs, and sacred shamanic objects from the world's tribal peoples.

Those with shops or galleries wishing to represent these and other works may contact the artist through this website! Spring production
is currently underway.





Susanne Still - A Murmur of Fuschia

A Murmur of Fuschia

Susanne Still

Susanne Still - Mind Beyond Reason

Mind Beyond Reason

Susanne Still

Susanne Still - Elemental Overture

Elemental Overture

Susanne Still

Susanne Still - A Momentary Play of Light
Susanne Still - The Depth of Persuasion
Susanne Still - Evening Arises

Evening Arises

Susanne Still

Susanne Still - Corner of the Window

Corner of the Window

Susanne Still

Susanne Still - The Crow and the Kernal
Susanne Still - Cat on a Pedestal

Cat on a Pedestal

Susanne Still

Susanne Still - Live Long and Prosper

Live Long and Prosper

Susanne Still

Susanne Still - Life of Santa Fe Doggie
Susanne Still - Brother Raven

Brother Raven

Susanne Still

Susanne Still - New Mexican Evening

New Mexican Evening

Susanne Still

Susanne Still - White Snow Black Night
Susanne Still - A Violet Ring of Higher...
Susanne Still - The Ambience of Winter...
Susanne Still - Bird in Snowy Aspens

Bird in Snowy Aspens

Susanne Still

Susanne Still - Worlds in Transition

Worlds in Transition

Susanne Still

Susanne Still - Inside Out

Inside Out

Susanne Still

Susanne Still - I Dreamt I Was The Sky
Susanne Still - This Morning in the...
Susanne Still - Rainbow Across the Valley
Susanne Still - Prickly Pear Cactus...
Susanne Still - Misty Valley Dawn

Misty Valley Dawn

Susanne Still

Susanne Still - Quintessential New Mexico




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